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I belong to 2 clubs in Canada. CPFA and Vancouver Pigeon Club.
The Vancouver Pigeon Club which I am fond of is one of the best and has been the most helpful to my success. What makes the club is the people who run it and are in it, and this is an awesome club to belong too.

Click on any logo to visit the website, a new window will pop open.

Vancouver Pigeon Club

The Vancouver Pigeon & Poultry Fancier Club is the premier club in lowermainland and all through you British Columbia, Canada.

I belong to this club and have learned the most from many of the members.
Many master breeders and from them I have learned many things I would have never learned by skimming through the internet.
To all BC'rs.. Join Today..

A club is the best when you feel at home when you are with the members.
I feel right at home.

Canadian Pigeon Club

Canadian Pigeon Fanciers Association
A Pigeon club through Canada, and where most Canadian breeders get there pigeon bands from.

They have a great ordering process and knowledgeable staff to help you along the way. Join a club today..

Canadian Racing Pigeon Union

Canadian Racing Pigeon Union is the club to go with if you are a pigeon racer.
They have a storefront set up on the website.
On the website has all the products you need shipped right to your door.
I promote them because I had a pigeon situation and they sent out the medicine and I received it in 2 days.. All from Canada.

Foy's Pet Supplies

Foy's Pet Supplies, one of the oldest pigeon and bird supply stores online.
Order almost anything related to the hobby.

Check them out.

Indian Fantail Club Of America

Indian Fantail Club Of America I Love My Indian Fantail Breed. Very Friendly, Very Helpful group of Breeders. I am honored to serve as the website coordinator.
Hope to grow and grow in the future world wide. If you have any questions about joining the group, please do not hesitate to ask.

Check them out.

More To Come Soon.. If you have a good link.. Feel Free To Send It.




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