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 The only thing I know about pigeons is what I learn from others, books, and of course own experience.
Pigeon groups, like the ones I belong too are an answer away from any questions I might have.

 I feel blessed to know that I know a bunch of Scientist, not from the schooling they have done but from the plaques on there walls and inside there lofts. It takes years to become even remotely close to a professional breeder, it takes much more to become a master. My advice: Practice makes perfect.. Years of practice :)

 I belong to 2 clubs in Canada. CPFA and Vancouver Pigeon Club.
The Vancouver Pigeon Club which I am fond of is one of the best and has been the most helpful to my success.
What makes the club is the people who run it and are in it, and this is an awesome club to belong too.

Click on any logo to visit the website, a new window will pop open.
Vancouver Pigeon Club Canadian Pigeon Club

 My loft first started with a chicken coop, and I built my first loft in lowermainland on top of it. I made it more for flying pigeons, as I wanted to fly them, but I realized I loved the Fancy type rather then the flying. The most my Fancy pigeons flew was to the ground and waddled like penguins to the food.

 I built this loft pictured below a few years back and the birds love it.
I could have built a much larger one but chose not to at this time. Since I wanted to start breeding pigeons, I did not want to get too many and not be able to handle more then I would be able too. I realize now, I still have too many.

 Too many babies? That is my problem. Of course that is a huge problem for many breeders, Not enough space. The key in breeding, Have enough space for each pigeon. Some say 2-5 sq feet per bird. Flying birds might be less.

 Many breeders cull there pigeons every year as soon as they know they will not be good enough for shows, but I cannot and have not done that yet. I have culled ones that were born with deformities but that has been something rare. You can easily sell them to other pigeon fanciers but not as show birds. Remember to let them know that they are not show quality birds, auctions are great as well. Some breeders cull so that they do not become diluted by others pairing them with other breeds.

Below are some pictures and a description of the picture.
If you have any questions or comments let me know.

First picture of myself
and Angel Wing Loft

Me and Angel Wing Loft

Angel Wing Loft Side View

Angel Wing Loft exterior side

Made from Wood, stainless chicken wire, plastic, tiles.

Angel Wing Loft exterior front

Roofing supported with 2x4s and plastic poly exterior found in local stores, a little expensive but they were worth it.

It allows all the light in, but it has snow limits.
In Vancouver, BC, it’s perfect.

It’s faced away from sunrise and it gets sun 80% of the day.

Sunlight = Babies!!

Angel Wing Loft Front View

Individual Breeding Pens Front View

Angel Wing Loft individual breeding pens front

I built first without them. But when I decided to start breeding, and to be a serious breeder, it is a necessity to have Individual Breeding Pens for each pair.

It allows control pairing of breeds, and you know exactly what kinds of babies you will get.

Also it protects from other more aggressive breeds or cocks.

Angel Wing Loft individual breeding pen side

Pair birds with quality you would like.

-Feed and water everyday.
-When the hen lays eggs, you can open and allow -them to come out.
-They will go back of course and the pen will be cleaner.
-When they hatch, I sometimes close the pen again and leave them in there until the babies have weaned.

Feed and Water every day, and clean every 2-3 days to make sure birds stay clean and healthy.

Individual Breeding Pens Side View

Milk Makes It Right At home!

Angel Wing Loft extra milk crates

I added these to bring some back home feel to it.
and For some reasons.. Some breeds like the homer in the top right corner - Feels Right At Home.

It shows that your loft does not have to be fancy at all.

Top Three things in any loft.
-Keep Dry
-Feed and Water every day

Angel Wing Loft flying pen fountain water

It looked beautiful until the pigeons met it. :)

I since have removed it but I would next time build a much bigger one.

Pump below and water, when on it would ad clean water on the rocks and to the bowl for the pigeons to drink and wash in.


Exterior Fly Pen Fountain Waterer

Exterior Fly Pen Tiled Floor

Angel Wing Loft flying pen flooring

I tiled the exterior

Below is playground sand and after it settled, you can watch on it with no problems. keeps the birds clean and can be powerwashed. I believe it is a must for exterior fly pens. Hard flooring.


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